Liner Moisture Pads

  • Liner Moisture Pads

Liner Moisture Pads


Moisture Pads

 Finally Prosthetic Pads That WORK!!!

All amputees wear liners.... and those liners cause moisture which can lead to discomfort and even infection. Gauze pads and other products claiming to absorb residual limb moisture just do not work.
  • Costello Prosthetic Pads absorb moisture exceptionally well.... much better than gauze pads and other existing products on the market today
  • Staying infection free is critical and staying dry helps to minimize chances of infection
  • Our pads provide extra cushion and comfort during daily wear and other activities

The pads are washable and reusable.

Using your new prosthetic pad is simple. You just place the pad between your residual limb and liner and you're ready to go!

Prosthetic Moisture Pads - 12 Pack


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