DryPro Prosthetic Leg Covers (duties & taxes may be applied in Canada)

  • DryPro Prosthetic Leg Covers (duties & taxes may be applied in Canada)

DryPro Prosthetic Leg Covers (duties & taxes may be applied in Canada)


DryPro is highly rated on many platforms and is truly an innovative amputee product that we are proud to sell. Please note that our price includes free express shipping.

Unlike cast covers, these prosthetic covers are made to last longer rather than a temporary product and are intended for swimming and showering.  This is a must have for any leg amputee.  

Please take note of sizing and how to measure for a good fit. 

Due to hygienic reasons we will not be accepting returns on this product at this time unless it is due to manufacturer defect or an error on our part.  This product is made from latex, please be aware for latex allergies and sensitivities. 

How to Use - Easy as 1, 2, 3!

*** Products ship from USA, all other destinations please anticipate that there may be Duty to pay when your package crosses your boarder.***
For sizing:


    Model #

    Arm/Leg Circumference


    X-Small Full Arm


    6 – 6.75 inches

    16 inches

    Small Full Arm


    6.75 – 8.75 inches

    23 inches

    Small Half Arm


    7.75 – 10 inches

    17.5 inches

    Large Half Arm


    10 inches & up

    20 inches

    Medium Full Arm


    8.75 – 10 inches

    28 inches

    Large Full Arm


    10 inches & up

    31.5 inches


    X-Small Full Leg


    7.5 – 11 inches

    19 inches

    Small Half Leg


    10 – 13 inches

    21 inches

    Large Half Leg


    13 inches & up

    23.5 inches

    Small Full Leg


    14 – 16.5 inches

    29 inches

    Medium Full Leg


    16.5 – 21 inches

    33 inches

    Large Full Leg


    21 inches & up

    37 inches

    *Keep in mind, to achieve the best fit, consider both half and full sizes.

    Measuring Circumference: Measure the circumference of the arm or leg at 2 inches above the cast. If the end of the cast is very close to the elbow/knee, then measure mid-bicep/mid-thigh. Do not measure around the cast! Only measure around the skin of the arm/leg above the cast.

    Measuring Length: Measure from the tip of the middle finger or heel of the foot to 2 inches above the top end of the cast. It is okay if the cast protector measurement is longer then the limb measurement. The protector will still work. Extra length will be removed when the vacuum seal is created.


    X-Small Prosthetic Leg


    8 -12 inches

    29 inches

    Small Prosthetic Leg


    12 – 16 inches

    32 inches

    Medium Prosthetic Leg


    15 – 19 inches

    35 inches

    Large Prosthetic Leg


    17 – 21 inches

    38 inches

    X-Large Prosthetic Leg


    21 inches & Up

    41 inches


    Stretch on the DryPro Prosthetic Leg Cover: Pull over the leg to see how it fits. If the DryPro is too tight, you can trim 1/4 inch along the lines towards the top of the opening and try it on again. Be sure not to trim too much, as a tight seal is needed for the vacuum to work. Stretch the DryPro over the prosthetic so the top fits smooth against the skin. Allow some slack as the vacuum will remove the excess material.



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