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SleevSaver was developed by an amputee for an amputee to prevent unnecessary costs in replacing suspension sleeves when your sleeve gets a scratch, scrape, tear, or a scuff that causes a vacuum leak.

Suspension sleeves can cost over  $700 each, and the smallest of intrusions means that you have to purchase another sleeve. 

    Get more life out of your sleeves and SAVE money!


    SleevSaver is manufactured to the highest of quality assurance standards and is ISO 9001. SleevSaver is also friendly to the environment and ISO 14001 certified as Eco Friendly. Our product is produced with green and medical grade materials.

    • Substrate Color: Clear / Translucent
    • Film Color: Clear / Transparent
    • Substrate Width: 30mm
    • Substrate Thickness: 3mm
    • Total Length: 1 meter
    • Adhesion Factor: >20N/24mm
    • Holding Duration: >24 hours
    • Temperature Resistance: 0° - 100° C / 32° - 212° F

    SleevSaver works by sealing the area between your suspension sleeve and prosthetic socket when applied. Simply locate the intrusion on your suspension sleeve and apply SleevSaver to the socket in the proper area. You can also apply SleevSaver to the entire perimeter of your prosthetic socket for maximum protection.

    • Carefully measure circumference of your prosthetic socket.
    • Clean your prosthetic socket in the area you wish to apply.
    • Cut SleevSaver to match prosthetic socket measurement.
    • Peel one side of the PET adhesive cover off and apply to socket.
    • As you apply, peel the remaining PET Film and use firm pressure.
    • Finish applying SleevSaver around your prosthetic socket rim.
    • Clean area of suspension sleeve, peel off the outward facing PET film.
    • Gently and carefully roll your suspension sleeve onto your socket.
    • Create vacuum using your current methods. Adjust as needed.


      • Prosthetic socket and suspension sleeve should be clean, dry and free of grease, oil, moisture, dirt and contaminants.
      • Use 50:1 ratio of 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and Water for cleaning.
      • Apply sufficient pressure when applying to socket for maximum hold.
      • Use care when rolling your suspension sleeve over SleevSaver to ensure a tight smooth seal.
      • Do not use SleevSaver on absorbent, porous or otherwise rough materials such as wood, brick, concrete or unfinished surfaces.
      • Store in original airtight packaging.
      • Keep in well ventilated dry area away from sunlight and other heat, humidity or light sources.


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