New Products at East Coast Amputee Shoppe

We are pleased to announce that East Coast Amputee Shoppe is now carrying VitalFitSR products!  You told us what you want and we listened.  

Like always, if we carry it, we also offer the customer service you would expect for the product.  If you have questions, please reach out to us. 

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Welcome Spring!

Most stores don't launch a new product with a sale but we are.  Why?  Because the East Coast Amputee Shoppe sells globally but we support our local economy too.  Our region is normally full of tourists and cruise ships each year but last summer, and this one too, we are not open to welcome travelers.  This has closed down many businesses that rely on tourism and has had a hard impact on the East Coast.  The jewelry we are selling comes from the stock that normally would be offered for sale to tourists in our local boutiques.  The prices that we are charging are our prices, the higher price you see is the price the shops would have charged for the item.  By buying this jewelry you are helping our vendors get some money for their wares and helping our local economy.  
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