Welcome Spring!

Spring has sprung and the East Coast Amputee Shoppe is coming alive!  We are finally digging ourselves out after a long winter and deep snow. Maple syrup is in the air and soon spring flowers will be.  Getting a store up and running and full of inventory can be a real challenge at the best of times. During the pandemic it has been slow and painful as we waited for shipments that normally take three days take 3-4 weeks instead.  We are resillient and resourceful and are happy to report that we have looked for inventory a little closer to home as we await for some products coming in from the USA and overseas.  

You will notice a lovely new collection of jewelry that is seashore themed that has recently been added.  The funny part is that you will also notice that the prices are showing up like a sale.  Most stores don't launch a new product with a sale but we are.  Why?  Because the East Coast Amputee Shoppe sells globally but we support our local economy too.  Our region is normally full of tourists and cruise ships each year but last summer, and this one too, we are not open to welcome travelers.  This has closed down many businesses that rely on tourism and has had a hard impact on the East Coast.  The jewelry we are selling comes from the stock that normally would be offered for sale to tourists in our local boutiques.  The prices that we are charging are our prices, the higher price you see is the price the shops would have charged for the item.  By buying this jewelry you are helping our vendors get some money for their wares and helping our local economy.  

On the "Innovative Amputee Products" front we are also dealing with set backs as the closed boarders have slowed down our rigorous vetting process for these products.  We are thrilled that we have had amputees willingly test "My Liner Buddy", "Socket Socks", "SleevSaver" and "The Liner Wand System".  We are in final discussions on how to launch these products in our store so please stay tuned.  Currently we are featuring SleevSaver, our flagship product, and Dry Pro prosthetic covers.  Dry Pro is our newest addition to the Innovative Products Line up!  

Stay tuned, we have some exciting promotions and initiatives coming up in the upcoming months.  And thank you from my family to yours for supporting the "Mom and Pop" store online. 

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