New Products at East Coast Amputee Shoppe

We are pleased to announce that East Coast Amputee Shoppe is now carrying VitalFitSR products!  You told us what you want and we listened.  The VitalFitSR line up is professionally made for amputees.  We have heard rave reviews about the products from amputees that have used them.  It is no surprise that you will find the VitalFitSR line up in our Innovative Product section.  

If you're looking for more details about VitalFitSR, here's an excerpt from VitalFitSR directly; "The VitalFitSR Clinical Skin Care System was designed by dermatologists with significant input from clinicians to address the specific needs of people with skin care issues relating to diabetic complications or wearers of orthotic or prosthetic devices. It is the first SYSTEM to take care of all aspects of hygiene, protection and rejuvenation for individuals living with limb loss and dysvascular complications."

Like always, if we carry it, we also offer the customer service you would expect for the product.  If you have questions, please reach out to us and if we don't know the answer, we will not stop until we do!  Fortunately for us we have a fantastic colleagues at VitalFitSR that are always there to help us as we learn more about these fantastic, grade A products.  

We hope you love VitalFitSR as much as we do.  Please, don't forget to leave a review and let us know your experience with any of the VitalFitSR products.  

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